Hello my fellow locos,

It is I, a loco fellow, meaning a maniac or insane being. I am here to basically express my own “loco” thoughts from my own personal experiences be it about love, lessons, or life. I think I’ve been through enough struggles since middle school being bullied and betrayed by the people I trusted up until now at the age of 24. To be honest, I’m still striving to survive as I am still young and still learning. Don’t worry, what I blog about won’t be too depressing to read as I add little touches of my comedic side because life is not worth to still dwell on the past, but it did make me who I am today. I think everyone has their “loco” thoughts especially when you’re so much different from the rest of your family and that is why I believe I am here to lighten the mood and know that you are not alone in this.

Background Check: I come from Kuwait and hold no criminal charges except maybe a few car traffic tickets. Other than that I’m a 100% normal maniac.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Thank you for following my blog, i’ll do the same for you, and i’ll call back.

    Any help you need just get on the air 🙂

    • locofellow says:

      Your welcome and thank you for your help with your tips. They were really useful☺ If you don’t mind could I have your email for more tips if I needed? Also how many views did you get on your first post in the first week? I’m just wondering if I’m on the right track

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