I’ve Lost My ADD

You know..Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed or aspired to be someone famous or well-respected around people I meet or people who have heard about me as I’m sure many of you have right? Well, the funny thing is one time I consulted with one of my grandmother’s neighbors, who’s known for coffee fortune-telling, and she told that I’ve got so many paths going all over the place in terms of career choice.

At the time I was always interested in being a child psychologist, an art director, an elementary teacher, a TV presenter, a fire fighter, and basically anything that requires me to help make an impact on people’s lives or anything that gets me to be a great role model for kids. Because I never had an older brother by my side, since I was actually the “older brother” or son in the family, I always wanted to be the big brother some kids never had. That has instilled in my mind from my teenage years to this day; it’s true.

Unfortunately, no matter what career choice I wanted to involve myself in, I’ve always went to my Dad for some career advice since as the cliché goes, “Dad knows best.” Sometimes, he does give his words of wisdom right on the money, but other times I feel like he doesn’t seem to know me that well. For example, knowing myself, I’ve discovered I have a developed creative streak when I was given the opportunity to advertise whatever object I wanted using the techniques we’ve learned in class back in Grade 11. It was in this very project assignment that I decided to head towards advertising as my career choice after university. Of course, when I told my Dad about it, he was like, “Are you insane? Advertising is not even a career choice for any Kuwaiti because it’s already been taken over by the Lebanese not just in Kuwait, but all over Middle East. Besides, they keep you to work overtime and not even compensate you for your work when the basic salary is pennies compared to other jobs in the private sector.” Plus, he also added that it’s easier to get fired when working in an advertising agency in Kuwait. So, naturally I was feeling frustrated because I kept on going at him how I was actually passionate about the field and how I can be creative, but then I surrendered to his wisdom of getting into marketing since it’s the umbrella that holds advertising, sales and PR all together in one. I was like since it includes advertising, why not? However, deep down I only went with marketing just to please him and the rest of the society to see that I’m on the right path to being “successful.” Marketing ended up being my major degree at university. Little did I know when the economic crisis hit, I resented the fact I wasted four years of my life studying the major when it’s not even needed anymore due to limited budgeting in companies. So, finding a good salary marketing job was a struggle that lasted six months until I got a call from a well-known franchisee in Kuwait to work in one of their brands. At first, I can’t deny how excited I was that I finally got the job I wanted and it’s in a well-reputable company so my CV felt a little heavier when I saw how it help me out in the future if I was to look for other jobs. Well, the search for other jobs came sooner than later when I discovered how my ADD was at its peak as I’m sitting in my cubicle trying to coordinate my tasks and getting them done on time of deadlines and struggling to get my manager’s approval of my work and performance. Actually, I didn’t even know I had ADD until I got this job, in which I went to a therapist one day and she did a test for me that basically read I have borderline or mild ADD. On top of that, I also have sclerosis so that was even more nerve-wrecking when I saw how my job was very demanding and fast-paced that sometimes I felt I had no time to take a ten minute break just to stretch.  At the same time, I could lose a deadline and end up being scolded by manager for not finishing work on time due to my random thoughts and doodles taking over my to-do list for the day.  Therefore, after one year at the company, I decided to move on not only because it was too much to take on my conditions, but I also felt I wasn’t appreciated so much for my hard work and struggles at my job especially when I had to carry heavy boxes to the warehouse, in what seemed like a five-minute walk felt like a thirty minute drag, with no one around to help me, since everyone was so busy in their own tasks.

Then again, the same process continued when I got the job I am in now, which is a meeter greeter (customer service) at an Islamic bank. Now, at this time, I’ve kind of given up on advertising and marketing all together because I felt no matter how much you try to convince the public that marketing is needed in companies as much as accounting and finance in the business field, it’s still considered like a fly or mosquito you try to slap it off your face. Now the good thing about being a meeter greeter is there’s not much to do really except what the title says, I meet customers and I greet them to their seats in the waiting area. Of course, little did I know they had me fooled again by having to photocopy papers, staple them, file them, fax them and mail them. I mean are you effin serious with me now?!! Did I just waste almost ten years of my life from middle school to university just to do what a high schooler can do by himself. I’m not saying mistakes still don’t happen because believe me, even in the easiest of jobs, mistakes do happen and boy did I feel guilty for being stupid. Damn you ADD!!  There was one time where I greeted a VIP customer to his seat while the personal banker was already occupied with another. So, after about fifteen minutes of waiting, the VIP customer came to me and told me he’s going to try with another branch because the personal banker was taking too long with the customer. Well, again because of my ADD, I actually forgot he was even waiting since I was distracted on Instagram and filing some papers I had to file a long time ago. Therefore, I got a warning from my manager and the personal banker to tell them if someone was waiting for a long time so they don’t take their time chatting with customers. The thing is I don’t know if it’s the job itself or the eight-hour working shift that’s getting to me, but I sure do know that I’m not happy at all with it. For real, I’m smiling at the customers passing by, but deep down I wanted to shoot everyone in the branch with the guns used by Jim Carrey in The Mask. So anyway, after forgetting another customer again and even some mails I forgot to send to their destinations, I just felt I can’t take it anymore with this ADD. At first, I was relieved that it was the cause of my tardiness to work, my lack of concentration on my tasks, and my poor time management, but then I started to ask myself, why the hell do I even have it?!! That’s why after reading a couple of articles about ADD at work, I need to start myself a business ASAP where I can choose my own routine schedule and choose my own tasks to do and that way I could be more responsible for myself than have to take the rest down with me when I make any mistake.

I’ve recently got interested in creating iPhone and Android apps and I wanted to create my first app for kids that’s both informative and interactive at the same time. I got interested in this area because although it’s not marketing and it may not even be easy as my earlier and current jobs, I’ve always had that wild imagination of things just like the kids do (due to a lot of TV shows and movies and hanging around with kids in family gatherings..I just love to amuse them) and I love the suspense when I have new tasks everyday since it gives me a little motivation with a little excitement of what’s going to happen if it all goes well as if I’m destined to be a millionaire. Seriously, I wish there was a way to measure how guaranteed my business project could success if I was to quit my job now and start creating the kids app and more apps in the future. I feel like the longer I wait and waste my career as a meeter greeter, the less likely I’ll be happier in my life and the higher chances I meet more competition against my app along the way. However, what if my app project doesn’t work as I thought it would, which my parents often point out, should I still keep doing my job at the bank even though I’m not happy? On the one hand, my parents say that I have to still keep my eight-hour bank job and at the same time, work on starting my app and on the other hand, I say I need to quit my bank job so I can solely focus the day on creating this kids app, my ADD wouldn’t be at its peak like it does now, and I can have my own working hours. What’s frustrating me more here is one thing I don’t forget what my Dad told me is to NEVER GIVE UP. So here I am being passionate about my app idea believing how big and very helpful and useful it can be for kids and parents alike while he’s still giving up his life away smoking even after going through surgery when he found out he had skin cancer on his throat. I know right? Oh and by the way, remember how my Dad thought how one of my idols was Dr. Phil, since I used to watch his show everyday? Well, here I am also trying to follow his foot steps from the last fifteen years in being the successful entrepreneur that he is to this day, but he gets all stubborn about me thinking of quitting my job when he himself worked at a bank for two weeks and then quit to be his own boss. Ironically enough, he often repeated the words “like father, like son” for God’s sake on the many things we have in common like music and simplicity and BUSINESS FIELD..like what gives Dad?!!

So what do you guys think of the road I should take after this long deserving rant? Should I go with what my parents advised me or take the chance to quit my job and start my app project?

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