I Wonder Why

Hello my loco minions,

I know it’s been a long loooooooooooooooooong time since my last post, not that I have a huge follower list, but I’ve been distracted in a lot of things in getting myself a job and entertaining myself in however way possible. So I finally got the adrenaline to write again and I started to miss coming here. Anyways, I thought of sharing with you guys out there a poem I just came up with of an imaginary friend I would love to spend my time with believing he or she could be real.

For the longest of time you’ve been on my mind

That I’d be a fool not to join you on the longest car ride.

You’ve been there for me through thick and thin

Yet, I wonder why you’re not there under my chin.

We talk for hours and hours till our eyes droop to our cheeks

Yet, I wonder why I still get lost in the mist through the creeks.

They say, “God works in mysterious ways.”

Yet, I wonder why my life is full of one-act drama plays.

I’ve always hated myself for this crazy illusion

Yet, I wonder why I get so giddy for this lovely intrusion.

If only you were real for me to show you off

That they’d be fools not to share my lucky “rip-off.”


In case you guys are wondering, no I’m not a schizophrenic. However, sometimes I feel like I am..dont you? haha ;p

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