Aint that the truth😊


A sombre thought just transcended my imagination. Even though I have a great charge of positivity, sadness does haunt me at times..Well, at such times, I can’t really help it..
I just realized that time doesn’t wait for us
Days pass and years change..
You miss your loved and move away from your close ones..

Your life changes, friends change..people change
But your heart has some precious moments engraved in it
They are always there..
You sit back and think about those happy days and smile..When somebody asks you the reason for your smile, you simply say;

Consider the irony behind this thought..At times we feel very lonely & sad, and these are the times when our memories find their way to our heart and make us laugh and cry without a reason.
We should hence cherish our memories at all times and think of ourselves as fortunate enough…

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