My Kind of Woman

Every guy I’m sure has this fantasy of a girl he would like to marry one day as also with the women too. Therefore, I just thought I would like to share mine in terms of lifestyle, traits, and values I would like to expect from my future fantasy-turned-to-reality wife. I am writing this post now because to tell you the truth I would like to meet my best friend soon and life is frankly too short. Plus, at this point in time with what’s going on in my circle of family and friends, everyone is getting married one after the other while my mum works her way in complementing my looks in front of me, namely my nose and brows. Now, now I am not saying I am ugly, but I do assure you I do have flaws (at least in my opinion). Like I said in my first post, I look like the freaking vulture from Looney Tunes and maybe a bit of Napoleon Dynamite. I know, hilarious right? In fact, here’s how funny I think the resemblance is to me: Ha……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ha.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yes, I would like to list down my favorite ingredients, if I may, of my “perfect” woman I would like to marry.

Bare in mind that these are in random order:

  • Sense of humor – She gets my jokes and I get hers (includes ability to prank each other and can tolerate the consequences. Of course there are limits here in regards to timing – basically Ellen DeGeneres’ kind of humor).
  • Has a distinct kind of laugh that only makes me laugh even more.
  • Enjoys travelling – She would be respectful of other’s cultures and traditions.
  • Can push me when I am weak and vice-versa.
  • Can love and accept me for who I am with my flaws and loconess and vice-versa.
  • I want to be able to cheer her up whenever she feels down or vulnerable.
  • I would have the threshold to protect her from harm’s way.
  • Strong woman and not too whiney, spoiled and especially not vulgar (since I can sometimes be those three things so there needs to be a balance…hahaha)
  • She can be my mum and sister’s best friend as I would hope to be with the guys in her family, if she has besides her dad (kind of like Jim and Andy in According to Jim).
  • Education is a must as long as she’s not as smart as Bill Gates, but not as dumb as Snooki either.
  • Talented and ambitious.
  • Giving and merciful to those in need; charitable.
  • Good morale.
  • Confident with herself.
  • Outgoing – As long as she doesn’t stay out too late at night if she’s with her friends.
  • Goofy, but also grounded depending on the situation.
  • Flirt with each other even at our 50s.
  • She’s got beautiful eyes and smile that just lights up the room when I see it.
  • Has the warmest hug that could last an hour or so.
  • Ability to trust each other’s whereabouts.
  • Good hygiene
  • Can dance her booty off in weddings and other festive occasions (includes going clubbing with me making me the luckiest guy on the planet).
  • Doesn’t have to like horror and comedy movies, which I love, but doesn’t mind them either.
  • Same taste in music – 50s to 80s and some indie rock.
  • Loves animals especially dogs – because whether she likes it or not I’m going to get me an English bulldog so she better love him/her 🙂
  • She would be risk-taker and loves going on adventures like safaris and activities that just blow wind right up your face.
  • Good taste in fashion style.
  • Last, but certainly not least and I know it’s an old cliché, she would be my best friend even after getting married for as long as we both shall live till death do us part.
Jessica Rabbit

Hmmm..if only she was real.

Obviously some of these could be compromised, but there’s no harm in having terms and conditions right? Hahaha..So now I ask you guys and girls, what are your some of your ingredients of a “perfect” woman?

4 thoughts on “My Kind of Woman

  1. DG says:

    “Can dance her booty off in weddings and other festive occasions (includes going clubbing with me making me the luckiest guy on the planet).”

    Ummm, what if she was a mu7ajaba? :p

    • locofellow says:

      Ya I did not think this through but I have thought of a solution. I would probably take her 7jab and cover it over our heads like a tent and just continue dancing under it 😜

  2. DG says:

    Loool, for real?? Why, how creative of you! All in the name of love:p

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