Dear “Nice Family,”

It’s me, your eldest brother and son. You know it’s still hard to believe that even when I’m the first-born, I’m the one who’s different from this so-called “nice family.” I mean not only am I sometimes slow in understanding simple concepts, but the weird, crazy side of me seems to shame you to the public eye. Believe me I’ve tried going your ways, but at times they just didn’t feel “right” with me because in some cases I didn’t feel I was being myself. So I started to define who I am by how YOU guys see me and not how I see me. When Dad calls me stupid, I actually believe that I am stupid. When Mum calls me sensitive, I believe I am that sensitive. When my siblings call me weird, I too believe I’m that weird, like bad weird. Therefore, I am different because apparently I am not any of the things you are as what the rest of society accepts as sane or normal. I don’t seem to match the criteria of what an eldest son or brother should be like according to the rules of you and the society.

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A Letter To My “Nice Family”

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I’ve Lost My ADD

You know..Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed or aspired to be someone famous or well-respected around people I meet or people who have heard about me as I’m sure many of you have right? Well, the funny thing is one time I consulted with one of my grandmother’s neighbors, who’s known for coffee fortune-telling, and she told that I’ve got so many paths going all over the place in terms of career choice.

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I Wonder Why

Hello my loco minions,

I know it’s been a long loooooooooooooooooong time since my last post, not that I have a huge follower list, but I’ve been distracted in a lot of things in getting myself a job and entertaining myself in however way possible. So I finally got the adrenaline to write again and I started to miss coming here. Anyways, I thought of sharing with you guys out there a poem I just came up with of an imaginary friend I would love to spend my time with believing he or she could be real.

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A Lonely Friend

To this day, I still dwell on the people I thought to be my friends and some could even be my brothers. However, life is not all rainbows and butterflies as my Dad always says. In fact, from my painful experience, it only made me stronger and a little knowledgable despite my ADD. I know, talk about being a complicated loco fellow hahahaha. Anyways, corniness aside, I am still hurt and I still do feel a little lonely asking my friends for a night out hopelessly and then ending up with excuses either no answer, busy, or just plain lazy. Yet, I sometimes wonder if it’s because of me that cause them to come up with such excuses and that made me analyze every conversation frantically like a wife stalking her cheating husband.

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Aint that the truth😊


A sombre thought just transcended my imagination. Even though I have a great charge of positivity, sadness does haunt me at times..Well, at such times, I can’t really help it..
I just realized that time doesn’t wait for us
Days pass and years change..
You miss your loved and move away from your close ones..

Your life changes, friends change..people change
But your heart has some precious moments engraved in it
They are always there..
You sit back and think about those happy days and smile..When somebody asks you the reason for your smile, you simply say;

Consider the irony behind this thought..At times we feel very lonely & sad, and these are the times when our memories find their way to our heart and make us laugh and cry without a reason.
We should hence cherish our memories at all times and think of ourselves as fortunate enough…

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My Kind of Woman

Every guy I’m sure has this fantasy of a girl he would like to marry one day as also with the women too. Therefore, I just thought I would like to share mine in terms of lifestyle, traits, and values I would like to expect from my future fantasy-turned-to-reality wife. I am writing this post now because to tell you the truth I would like to meet my best friend soon and life is frankly too short. Plus, at this point in time with what’s going on in my circle of family and friends, everyone is getting married one after the other while my mum works her way in complementing my looks in front of me, namely my nose and brows. Now, now I am not saying I am ugly, but I do assure you I do have flaws (at least in my opinion). Like I said in my first post, I look like the freaking vulture from Looney Tunes and maybe a bit of Napoleon Dynamite. I know, hilarious right? In fact, here’s how funny I think the resemblance is to me: Ha……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ha.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yes, I would like to list down my favorite ingredients, if I may, of my “perfect” woman I would like to marry.

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Life…in a nutshell

Life’s too short.

Sometimes too late to abort.


As dreams turn to bumpy dents,

Regrets can be lucky accidents.

Funny how fate toys with us

Making the journey a big old fuss.

Priorities — too much to bear

Wandering in space with a stare.


If only life wasn’t so complicated

And you wouldn’t be this agitated.

Waiting for love from a spark, a sign

And praying for relief from the sky’s Divine.

They say, “Patience is a virtue.”

Hard to believe that it’s so true.


Wishes never really come overnight,

But if fate’s on your side,

Great blessings will soon brighten your dark night.

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Caught On My Edge To Death

The big “L” (loneliness) started to kick in. I’m sitting there watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I’m not even laughing as I usually do because let’s be honest, he was funny on SNL and still funny on his talk show. Yet, I’m still distracted from my own depressing thoughts. I mean I imagined I was kind of healed per say, but inside of me still seems to be on edge.

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The New Guy

My crazy weird ass personality started to advance when I was an outcast from middle school to high school, and jumping from one school to another didn’t make my friendships any easier. Little did I know that I became a victim of selfish, little flies stalking me to my single strand of hair. You try to itch these flies, wave them away, flick them off and yet they keep coming back for more to satisfy their flesh-eating egos. I even tried to apply “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” motto with these people wearing a pair of silver Oakleys with the mirror lenses and sporting the spiky hair just to look cool. I was basically DJ Qualls in The New Guy, but born with lazy eyes, a mono brow and slouched back. No matter how much sleep and back straighteners, I was still being picked on with funny impressions of that goofy vulture from Looney Tunes. Vulture from Looney Tunes

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